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  The Technology  

The Tech
"Simplex: Sweeping our way ahead..."

Single camera system


  • Weighs only 6 kg 

  • Installation on most light aircrafts, no shooting hatch necessary

  • 2-side oblique and nadir imagery collected in a single flight pass 

  • Orthophoto up to 1cm per pixel resolution 

  • Full oblique and 3D imagry up to 2cm resolution 

  • Simple installation and operation

Dual camera system


  • More than 9 views of each object in a single flight pass

  • Full 3D collection on a large city scale from one flight direction

  • Can be installed in any standard shooting hatch

  • Same resolution achieved for both nadir and oblique imagery

  • Smaller and lighter than any other 3D collection systems

  • Exceptionally large field of view (>110 degrees)

Click here for an introduction video of our technology
Our unique sweeping camera system offers high variety of quality mapping solutions. Due to its configuration and lightweight (only 6kg), it can be installed on any aircraft, either with a hatch or with our STC approved pod. Thanks to the sweeping ability, our system can collect nadir images as well as oblique in a single pass.
The entire production is preformed in house with a fully automated process. With our team of geo-Information and remote sensing experts monitoring the operation, the procedure from imagery alignment to the mosaic and 3D mesh generation is done seamlessly.
Using our Simplex web viewer equip your models with measurement tools and GIS capabilities. Access models across all computer and smart phone devices at any time. Finalized 3D models and Orthophotos can also be delivered in any format for local use. Click here for more information.
The Team

  The Team  

Ziv Shragai and Shahar Barnea, ​The Co-founders of Simplex, are experts in the field of remote sensing and photogrammetry. 
Both received their PHD in remote sensing from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Shahar and Ziv have successfully developed photogrammetric modules and processed numerous projects over the past 15 years. They are the recipients of the 3rd place prize in the international ICCV 2005, computer vision contest. They have published numerous articles, and have lectured in geo spatial conferences worldwide. Together they lead Simplex technology division.

  Dr. Shahar Barnea  

  Dr. Ziv Shragai  

  Avi Aflalo (MBA)  

Starting as a bootstrap company, Simplex has gone from a garage startup to a innovative technology and global services company, with a unique value proposition to municipalities, HLS, infrastructure, agriculture and engineering companies. Together with the team, our goal is to grow the company further in the next couple of years and to position Simplex as one of the global 3D industry leader. 

Avi, the CEO and co-founder of Simplex since its debut. He has more than 10 years of experience managing extensive projects in the geo information industry, and prior to that in business consulting firms and as business development manager. 

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  Our Partners  

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