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Please download our Smart3D information page here or watch our smart city video.

  3D Applications  

Smart City

Simplex has produced groundbreaking quality and accuracy in the realm of 3D maps and models. With a citywide three centimeter per pixel resolution, applications are endless for civic development and innovation. Whether laying the foundation for a Smart City, integrating security measures or engineering urban areas, Simplex 3D models provide the precision and cross-platform accessibility necessary for a marketplace striving toward optimum efficiency.


Seamlessly integrate your municipal ICT (information and communication technology) onto one geo-accurate 3D platform. Live data such as traffic and transportation systems, waste management, surveillance cameras and various other sensors. Our 3D mesh constructs geo-accurate layers for a variety of infrastructural data systems, from telecom 5G deployment to new architecture projecs. With exceptional resolution city-wide and comprehensive GIS capabilities, the Simplex 3D full-solution has revolutionized Smart City management. Equip your city with the most innovated platform to evolve at the speed of it's citizens. 

Secutiry Managment

Take advantage of Simplex 3D models for all of your tactical planning needs. From security camera installations, event emergency procedures, to counter terror and tactical interventions. Use our geo-accurate models from conception to action by combining analysis tools like camera angle coverage, sniper view shed and dynamic GIS layers such as real-time GPS tracking. Integrate live video feeds on the model. Know your site before boots are on the ground with measure your operational sites with unparalleled 3cm per pixel accuracy. Save time, money, and lives with photo and geo-accurate models of your area of interest and operations.

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